Starting a Pet Business Pet Hotels And Boarding Houses

"At times, it can be hard to look for someone who can take care of a beloved pet, especially when taking an extended trip out of town. However, more and more areas have begun to offer pet hotels or boarding house services. These establishments offer pets a home while their owners are out of town or at the hospital for example. They take care of pets and make sure that they are treated the same way they are treated at their own homes. If you are planning to open up a pet hotel or boarding house business, here are some things that you need to keep in mind.


Your area needs to have a lot of space. Imagine cats, dogs, and birds all crammed into a single room. Make sure that you segregate the animals into different rooms and that they should have their own personal space. You will need to buy dog beds, cages, scratching posts and other necessities that pets need. A wide lawn or back yard is also preferable so the animals can also enjoy their time outside.


Hundreds of brands offer generic food mixes for dogs, cats and birds. For more exotic pets, if you should ever come across one, ask the owner what they feed it and where you can find some. Just make sure to ask the owners if their pet has any special diets that you need to stick with.

Pets with Special Needs

Sometimes, owners might leave a pet that is still recovering or is suffering from an illness. Check with the owner and ask them about their last visit to the vet. You should ask them about any illnesses that will need some special attention, such as DM in dogs. Also make sure that the pet is healthy when it is checked in so that it will not infect the others.


Have an on-call vet, in case a pet gets ill or any accidents happen. You can partner with your local vet office or animal hospital to have a vet and clinic services available. This will come in handy, especially with pets that need monitoring and extra care, like that ones that have DM in dogs.

Grooming Care

Besides making sure that pets left by their owners are kept clean, it's also a good idea to offer grooming services as a way of putting icing on your cake. Some owners would spend a little extra to make sure that when they come back, their pets would look beautiful and well kept."

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