Dogs And The Outdoors Plants That Can Make Your Dog sick

"If you love the great outdoors and taking your dog out for a hike in the woods or forest near your home, then you probably constantly worry about plants that could get your dog sick. We can't stop our dogs sometimes when they want to go exploring and check the surroundings. They might find something there that they would eat or that would stick to their fur. These could be poisonous and can potentially put your dog's life in danger. 

 If you're not familiar with common plants and fungi that could possibly be poisonous to dogs, below are a few of the plants and some of the symptoms that come if your dog ingests them. 
Dogs And The Outdoors Plants That Can Make Your Dog Ill


 Believe it or not, grapes are actually poisonous to dogs. Some treat this as a crazy urban legend, however it is true. Grapes contain a certain compound that can cause your dog to suffer kidney failure, diarrhea and vomiting. The next time you snack on a few grapes at home or outside, try to make sure it didn't roll of the floor or anywhere near your dog. The more you should double check if it has DM in dogs and tends to crawl around the house. 


 You'll find a lot of these outside, especially if it just finished raining. Since dogs can't identify which mushrooms are poisonous and which ones are edible, might as well stay away from them all together. Mushrooms can attract dogs because of their deep earthy smell and some of them do taste like beef, so be extra watchful for them. 


 They might look pretty, but your dogs and even your cats can get sick if they eat these. Common lilies that you probably grow in the garden such as amaryllis,calla lily, andpeace lily could cause an upset stomach, depression, loss of appetite and tremors. If you have a bouquet of lilies or a lily plant, make sure your pet stays away from it. 

 Black walnuts 

 These are dropped by black walnut trees which are found almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere. The nuts don't really contain compounds that harm dogs, but the moment they decompose, a certain mold grows on them which cause your dog seizure and tumors. Your dog could shake uncontrollably and it would look like it has DM in dogs, so get them to the nearest animal center or vet as soon as possible for testing."

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