Addressing Dog Problems, Tips for Solving Common Behavior Problems

"There is a lot of information that has been written on training your dog and it certainly can be an enjoyable pastime for both you and the animal. There are times, however, when some specific problems are going to need to be addressed and corrected. What are some of those problems and how can you make sure that they are being corrected properly so that they don't occur again in the future? One of the problems that can be an issue is if your dog is overly aggressive. They don't necessarily need to bite or grab another person to be aggressive, they can also simply be rambunctious and that can cause problems of its own. This problem is not always the fault of the dog but in many cases, it can actually be shared with the owner. One of the reasons why dogs can act out in this way is because they are not getting the exercise that they need. 

They may be bored after spending several hours at home by themselves and they are simply acting out as a result. When you are able to give your dog the exercise than it needs, it will be tired and the problem will tend to disappear on its own. Potty training is generally something that takes place when a new puppy comes into the home.
Addressing Dog Problems, Tips for Solving Common Behavior Problems

There may be times, however, when a dog continues to have problems with going inside of the home. In some cases, this is blamed on the dog's apparent dislike of having their Paws wet in the grass. Actually, it is a matter of them being unresponsive to your command. First of all, you need to rule out the possibility that an infection or some other problem is not causing a temporary issue. If it continues to occur, it may be necessary for you to take stronger measures and to train them regularly until they understand what to do. Does your dog tend to run anytime there is an open door? This can be a real issue, not only causing frustration for the owner but putting the dog's life in danger.

You need to be able to teach your dog how to stay as well as to come on command. Some people are going to use a dog training Placecard, where they put their dog in a specific position and make it stay there. This can be a little bit time consuming but if you are consistent, it can keep your dog from bolting when the door opens. One final issue that we are going to discuss is the possibility of barking. This is a problem for many dog owners and it can cause issues with everyone within earshot. In some cases, a dog is going to bark because they are bored and this is something that needs to be addressed by the owner. In other cases, it is going to be an issue with the breed of the dog, such as if they are a Beagle. With some persistence on your part, even this difficult problem can eventually disappear."

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