Who Invented The Eyeglasses? History Of Eyeglasses - Biography of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is a famous American figure and has left many works in his life. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, January 17, 1706, died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 17 April 1790 at the age of 84 years.

Franklin is a person with many types of work and expertise. He is a journalist, publisher, author, philanthropist, abolitionist, public servant (official), scientist, diplomat, and inventor all at once! Franklin is also one of the leaders of the American Revolution, and one of the signatories to the Declaration of American Independence. His words are many famous and quoted people. For example "time is money" most likely comes from him. Because he is also a publisher and owner of printing, many of his words are still readable today so much because he is also a lot and diligent writing. He is also famous for his experiments on electricity (lightning rod). He is the first US Post Office Chief, the first "public library" maker,
Benjamin Franklin

8 Discovery and Scientific Achievement Benjamin Franklin

1. Lightning Rod - Many people assume that Ben Franklin is an inventor of electricity. He was the first person to divide each of the electric labels as positive and negative, and he was the first to discover the principle of conservation of charge. In 1740, electricity was a novelty. Benjamin Franklin and his friends began to investigate the electrical phenomenon. In 1750 he published a proposal for an experiment to prove that lightning was electric, then he used a kite to collect some electrical charge from a storm cloud.

In his experiments on Franklin's electricity found the findings for lightning rods, which is the reason why buildings are not struck by lightning whenever there is a frightening storm. He writes that conductors with sharp edges possess the ability to pull on electrical charges and have a much longer withdrawal range than conductors with dulled ends. He concluded that this knowledge could be used to protect the house from the dangers of lightning strikes, by installing a pointed pointed pointed pin and an anti-rust coating, directed toward the sky, and on an iron foot, attached with a cable leading to the ground.

To honor the services of Benjamin Franklin in the field of electricity, his name is enshrined as a franklin (Fr) or statcoulomb (statC) or electrostatic unit of charge (esu) unit. Fr is the unit of electrical charge in centimeters-gram-seconds (cgs). SI system as we use, using Coulomb unit . 

2. Odometer - Some of his most famous inventions besides lightning rods are odometers (mileage gauges on vehicles). We must thank Ben Franklin for this discovery. When Franklin was in charge of the postal service, he placed an odometer on the train as a way of calculating the mileage for his postal route. 

3. City Fire Department- The first firefighting service was first established in the modern world or precisely in the United States in 1736 around the 18th century, as its founder, Benjamin Franklin. Then in the end this fire department evolved into an important organization within a State. When Ben Franklin was visiting England, he noticed a building that was burned down. It made people panicked and said "the fire is too bad". But organized groups are present to extinguish the fire together. This is what drives Ben Franklin to organize the city fire brigade. 

4. Bifocals (Glasses)- Franklin is generally acknowledged to be an ingenious contribution to his very practical inventions. He has a talent for natural interest and curiosity to find ways to create something innovative. One of his greatest innovations is glasses and Franklin has been quite aptly recognized and admired as a discoverer. 

Glasses are one of Ben Franklin's discoveries. After some thorough research, the glasses made by Ben have two different optical powers in one lens. The distance of the lens is placed at the top and the closing lens is placed at the bottom. Glasses are the result of the modern age of the extraordinary evolution of Benjamin Franklin's simple and practical creation. 

5. Hand Clamp- One that can be believed that Ben Franklin's heart is always in the right place. It is proved by the invention of the hand of the clamp, which we can find in stores today. But back in Franklin's time about 200 years ago, is not it an extraordinary innovation? This discovery was made by Franklin as someone who likes to read. He will feel disturbed by his old age. He began to find it difficult to reach books on the high shelves. This inspired him to create a long trunk with a clamp on his end, which could pull down the books he wanted. This is considered lazy, but in reality this invention is a genius innovation. 

6. stove - Seeing firewood is not much use efficiently in colonial fires, he designed a stove known as Franklin Stove, which uses an iron body to store more heat. The stove helps poor families save and warm in the winter. 

7. Catheter Pipe - In order for a kidney stone patient to urinate, Franklin created the first flexible catheter tube used in North America. 

8. Gulf Stream- He names and describes the term "Gulf Stream" - Gulf Stream. The giant Atlantic currents that circulate between the Gulf of Mexico and the west coast of Ireland, and precisely identify it as the reason why the trip from England to America takes longer on certain routes. The British admiral sought this discovery and then came up with the same answer several decades later. 

Among his many creations, Franklin never patented his invention.

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