Reasons Why You Might Want to Use a Dog Boarder

"Whether you have one dog, or multiple canines, you might need dog boarding services at some point in you and your canines' lives. Here are some of the reasons you may need to use a dog boarder: 

 Taking a vacation 

 You may think that you can just take your dog along when you travel. After all, they say that dogs are man's best friend. But taking your animal on your summer vacation could be very problematic. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider hiring a dog boarding service and leaving Fido at home: 

 Airline travel can be very uncomfortable - and expensive: You may have to deal with extra fees if you have your pet fly with you. And the fees are not the only thing uncomfortable. Your dog may be traveling in a crate in the cargo section of the plane, with no temperature regulation or stimulation. And if the temperature gets too high in the summer, he might not be able to fly back at all. 

 You may not be able to find a hotel room that takes dogs: Not every hotel or motel will let you bring your pet, and the ones that do may charge a fee for doing so. The fee may even end up being much more than what dog boarding would have been for you. 

 Car travel is no picnic for dogs: You may think that your dog will happily enjoy car travel, sticking his head joyously out the window. But what if your pooch gets carsick? That is no picnic. Not to mention that your canine could get sick or even die if you leave him alone in your car, even if it is just for a few minutes. 

 You may still need to board your pet away from home: Let's suppose your dog handles car or air travel swimmingly, and you find a pet-friendly hotel. Even so, you might need to get a pet boarder or dog walking service when you are on vacation, because you don't want to leave your dog in the hotel room all day. 


 I once helped a friend move across town, and the move was made even more stressful by the fact that her cat got loose and ran away. We lost hours spending time trying to find her cat. Fortunately, Fluffy eventually returned, but we were all stressed out. So instead of dealing with this stress with a move, there is a better way. Some people may board their dog while they move, to save them - and their pooch - the stress of the move and the possibility of the pooch getting loose. 

 Hospital visit 

 Another reason for using dog boarding services is a hospital visit. Whether you have previously scheduled surgery, or an emergency room visit that will lay you up for a while, putting your pet with a dog boarder could save you the stress of worrying about who will take care of him. 

 There are other reasons you may need to use dog boarding. To learn more about finding such a dog boarder, go to ."

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